The fair sets out to provide introductory information for the students on different educational possibillities for studying abroad. It will give an extensive overview of the conditions of the education systems in numerous universities abroad.

Higher education in many countries is free, or at least very accommodating for the EU students. Due to these reasons, studying abroad is becoming more and more popular and the interest in learning in a foreign country is growing by each year. We wish to give the students an elaborate summary of their future learning opportunities and enable them to make the right decisions regarding their study.

Last year (2014) the Fair attracted more than 20 educational organizations from abroad – universities, language schools, colleges and business schools. Approximately 3000 highly motivated students and their parents as well as educational agents attended the event.

The price for the fair includes a centrally located, fully equipped, prestigious exhibition venue with wireless internet, a broad advertising campaign in Estonia, a presentation venue (seminars will be held approx. for 20-30 min), coffee and snack breaks during the fair.


Reasons to join our fairs:

  • Held in one of the major cities in the Baltics - Tallinn
  • Organised by the leading Education Agency Bellnor
  • Fair takes place in Baltics for the 13th time and is well known
  • Attracts thousands of serious and motivated students
  • Promotional campaign based on unique knowledge of local markets


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