„I had a very positive experience and felt that Bellnor looked after us all very well, so thank you very much for your hard work in organising the fairs.”

Middlesex University, Gina Blaxcill


“A very sincere thank you for organising such a productive week of events. It is obvious a lot of planning went into the events and we were all very grateful for your hospitality throughout the week.”

Shannon College of Hotel Management, Sarah Geraghty


„This was an excellent series of exhibitions: well organised, well presented, and attended by a very good number of well-qualified and interested students.”

John Waller, University of Bradford


“I’d say that the fair, being your first event, was a great success. Great value for money as well. The facilities and accommodation were very good and obviously your advertising campaigne worked great.”

Agnieszka Wolyniec, London Metropolitan University


“We liked the fair as a whole and appreciated the opportunity to recruit students from Estonia. We would like to thank Bellnor for all their hard work and arrangements that made this fair possible.”

Purba Pal and Ida Wikberg, Novia University of Applied Sciences


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