Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Hanze UAS is the largest University of Applied Sciences in the North of the Netherlands and home to the first and oldest International Business School of the Netherlands (since 1988). More than 50 nationalities make up the student body. They have unique programmes in Advanced Sensor Technology, Master of Renewable Energy, Master of International Communication, where practical learning is as addition to theoretical knowledge. The University has close cooperation with businesses, industry partners (curriculum development & student projects, research).

You can study in different Bachelor Programmes at the Hanze UAS. By clicking on the course you’ll find more information about the course.

  •  Advanced Sensor Applications (Hanze Institute of Technology)
  • Classical Music (Prince Claus Conservatoire)
  • Communication – International Communication major
  • Facility Management (International Facility Management)
  • Fine Arts (Minerva Art Academy)
  • International Business and Management Studies
  • Internationale Betriebswirtschaft German taught programme (BW)
  • Jazz (Prince Claus Conservatoire)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Design (Minerva Art Academy)


Facts and figures

18 different schools

  •  6 centres of applied research and innovation
  •  38 professorships
  •  18 buildings
  • more than 70 degree programmes
  • 16 master programmes
  • more than 25,000 students
  • 1,946 foreign students
  • 497 exchange students coming to the Netherlands
  • 478 exchange students going abroad
  • 2,800 employees
  • 310 busses stop at Zernike Campus daily
  • 3,661 exams are held annually
  • Hanze UAS has a floor surface of 140,000 m2
  • 70 different sports are being practised
  • 12,000 students have a laptop
  • 22,500 litre of coffee is consumed per week
  • approximately 4,000 graduates a year

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