Why do schoolchildren come to our language camp?

To improve their language skills, to participate in incredible sports activities and to have unforgetable holiday. The courses are taught by professional native speakers from USA, Canada and UK What distinguishes our camp from all the others is that a well-designed curriculum gives participants the opportunity to choose their own program: foreign language classes or sport activities. A doubtless plus of our language camp is that it is international; children from all over Europe come here, and therefore, foreign language is the only common means of communication. Children like the camp very much – they do not need to do any homework here or spend their free time sitting at desks with books and/or dictionaries. English lessons are taught by native language speakers and take place in the form of compelling games and competitions among young people from various countries who make friends quite easily. Parents are pleased with the fact that these educational games are organized by native language teachers from America, Canada, and England, who are aided by Russian-speaking assistant guides.

Now a lot of parents are thinking about the possibility of combining their children’s holiday with something beneficial as well. Nowadays there are a lot of different possibilities to do so, but the most popular camps today are still “language + sport + holiday camps.”

Our camp is organized for schoolchildren who would like to acquire additional conversational practice in English, do their favorite sport and to have an unforgetable holiday at the same time.

Last years teachers were volunteers from such universities like University of Aberdeen, University of Westminster, Middlesex University London, University College London, University of Derby, University of the Arts London, Univeristy West London and Baruch College (City University of New York).

The camp program includes interesting English language courses as well as an unforgetable sports program in one of the most picturesque places in Estonia.

You can check out the pictures from the previous years at our Facebook page and also feel free to contact us with any queries you have.




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