Summer Camp program

Summer Camps can be different: National or International, small family type, or huge that bring togehter hundreds of children. The aim of all these camps is either to study a language or a skill, or to entertain children on holidays. Of course, children can specialize here in, e.g., sport activities as well. But the main objective of summer camps today is still “language camps.”
Many people prefer studying English abroad during their vacation. But not so many of them realize that it is possible to study English here, in Estonia, if you become a member of the our international camp. With a program of English studies provided by teachers from USA, Canada and England.
Our language camp is organized for schoolchildren who want to get the additional in English.

Why do schoolchildren come to our language camp?

  • To improve their language skill. Teaching is performed by professional native speakers. A doubtless plus of our language camp is that it is international; over Europe come here, and therefore English is the only common language of communication for them.
  • Our language camp is located in a picturesque place Kloogaranna, 35 km from Tallinn, a beautiful sandy beach (As a general rule, children camps must be in the countryside).
  • About 140 children can be accomadated in the camp. We offer various facilities to our students and teachers. Our staff, leaders, are qualified and have passed a special preparatory course.
  • Apart from English language study, the program of camp events consists of different sport activities, cultural and entertaining shows that help other countries, their traditions, and each other better. To learn more about Estonia, our program includes excursions to the most beautiful places of the country.
  • Fun activities are held in the afternoon 16.00 till 18.00 and in the evening from 20.00 - 21.30.

English language studies

  • Language lessons take place every morning from 9.00 till 12.00.
  • Children study in groups formed according to their English language level defined by the result of the language test. All our teachers and students speak English while playing sports or taking part in other activities together.
  • Our camp is intended for teenagers (10-17 age group) who have studied English for a year or longer.
  • All the participants get a Bellnor International Summer Camp certificate at the end of the program.

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