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Study in Finland

Finland has a world-leading higher education system that offers English- taught bachelor and master degree programmes. If you are a citizen of a country In EU, EEA, or Switzerland you can study in Finland for free- you do not have to pay any tuition fees.


Finland is definitely not a cheap country to live nor study, but you can get by even on a limited student budget. How much money you spend depends on your lifestyle and spending habits and also on the place where you study. Approximate budget would be around 600-800€ per month, including rent. 


Most of the students who pursue a degree abroad take part-time job during their studies. You have an option to work in Finland as well. During the academic year you can take up part-time employment if the work is related to your degree but it can’t go over 25 hours/week. Second option is to work during school breaks and then you can work limited hours. 


The fastest way to get a job in Finland is if you speak Finnish or Swedish. If you are only relaying on your English- skills it might take you a bit longer to find a work placement but it is not impossible. Almost every international student in Finland does some sort of part- time placement. 


Finnish love “Sisu”. This world can hardly be translated in English. It means continuing to be courageous even when thigs get harder and the challenges bigger. So, go for your dream Bachelor’s in Finland, adding a bit Sisu to your higher education goals!


We have a great partners in Finland: Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences


HAMK has 7 campuses with around 


  • 8000 students

  • 700 teachers and other staff members

  • 31 degree programmes and 14 are delivered in English


Degrees in English




  • Nursing

  • Smart and Sustainable Design

  • Construction Engineering 

  • Electrical and Automation Engineering 

  • Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology 

  • Information and Communication Technology, Circular Economy

  • Information and Communication Technology, Robotics

  • Sustainable Urban Design

  • Computer Applications

  • International business

  • Climate Smart Agriculture

  • Professional Horticulture

  • Sustainable Forest Management




  • Management in Sustainable Business




University accommodation can cost from 190€ to 690€ per person per month. Prices vary depending on the location. For more information:









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