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Artevelde University of Applied Sciences is located in Ghent, Belgium. University focuses on practice-oriented education, which means that students learn by doing. This is done through internships, projects, and other hands-on experiences.

Interesting facts about Artevelde?

  • More than 15,000 students

  • More than 1,500 staff members

  • 141 study programmes and further training programmes

  • Member of Ghent University Association

  • Twelve campuses in the centre of Ghent

Bachelor's Degree Programmes:

  • International Journalism

  • International Business Management

  • International Communication Management

  • International Graphic and Digital Media

  • International Organisation and Management

Small class groups of students with diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Campus is located in Ghent, Belgium.


Howest University of Applied Sciences is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and research. Working closely with industry partners, Howest ensures its programmes provide students with the real-world skills they’ll need to succeed. 

Howest offers 10 English-taught programmes all with a strong practical focus. Field-driven assignments, on-the job training and internships are key components of each programme. That’s how Howest meets the changing needs of today’s society and equips its students with future-proof skills.

Howest Highlights: 

Guaranteed internship placement

Partnerships with 200 institutions worldwide

DAE was declared the Best Game Design and Development School in the world

Bachelor's Degree Programmes:

  • Cyber Security Professional

  • 3D Animation

  • Visual Effects 

  • Bachelor Digital Design and Development

  • Expert Experience Design

  • Game Development

  • Game Graphics Production

  • Independent Game Production

  • Interactive Sound Production

  • Expert Creative Development

  • Industrial Product Design

  • Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics

  • Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

  • Web3 Engineer

Campuses are located in Bruges and Kortrijk, Belgium.


European University is an internationally accredited business school. Established in 1973, EU Business School offers innovative business programs in Business Foundation (BF), Bachelor’s (BBA), Master’s (MBA) and Doctorate (DBA) levels.

With small, dynamic classes offered in English, European University students get the best of both American and European academic traditions in an international environment.

Why EU?


  • Student-oriented education: that is flexible and provides personalized attention to student needs.

  • Recognized for excellence: European University is an internationally accredited business school.

  • Small class: sizes of 20–25 students. This encourages interactive discussions and ensures excellent communication and feedback between students and faculty.

  • Pragmatic approach to business theory: EU Business School employs the dynamic case study method - the most effective academic tool to demonstrate the applications of business theory.

  • Outstanding faculty: in addition to excellent academic credentials, EU professors are entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders, bringing business practice to the classroom. 

Campus is located in Geneva, Barcelona

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