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It's high ranked Dutch university having 30,000 students studying 40 courses in 18 institutes. Avans has been in the top 3 for 8 years and occupies the top position for the fifth time. 27 of the 54 Avans study programmes are the top 3 in their category. 11 of these study programmes are in first place, 7 study programmes are in second place.

Avans university of Applied Sciences focuses on project-based learning and waa the first

institution to apply this Dutch method of making students work on executing projects independently in groups.

Avans offers 4 international Bachelors programmes and 2 Masters programmes:

Bachelor programmes:

  • Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

  • Finance & Control (international)

  • Industrial Engineering & Management

  • International Business

Master programmes:

  • Master of Animation

  • Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design

Avans does not offer student accommodation however; they are partnered with the housing associations in Breda and Hertogembosch. Rental prices vary but you will pay no more than 510€ per month. This includes all the utility bills.

Campuses are located in Breda, Hertogenbosch, Roosendaal, and Tilburg


Breda University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with about 7,700 students from over 60 countries. It is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the city of Breda, only 100 km from Amsterdam and Brussels.

Today Breda offers professional and academic bachelor's and master's programmes in the disciplines of Games & Media, Hotel, Facility, Logistics, Built Environment, and Tourism & Leisure.

During your studies at Breda you will develop specialist knowledge, problem-solving skills and a professional attitude. As a result, you will have a distinct head start in the labor market and you will be able to start your first job as a qualified professional- either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Breda works together with many education institutions all over the world. As a result, there are many opportunities for intensive student and lecturer exchange.

If you are from EU you are free to work without restrictions.

EU students who work for a minimum of 56 hours per month can apply for a Dutch student grant.

Campus is located in Breda


Fontys is a leading European University of Applied Sciences and offers international programmes in English, Dutch or German. It is based in the south of Netherlands near the border of Germany and Belgium, one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. With more than 200 study programmes.

Fontys focuses particular attention on the parameters necessary for ensuring the smooth progress of studies, such as study career supervision, coaching and a "buddy" system, education and examination timetables, feedback regarding assessments and assignments, study progress registration, information provision and the accessibility of teaching staff.

We strive to be an educational institution that inspires growth through support and challenges. This is also something that you will notice throughout Fontys, i.e in the course programmes, in the teaching staff, in the personal supervision that you will receive and in the facilities available.

At Fontys, you will learn in conjunction with others and we will provide you with intensive supervision throughout this process. In short, selecting Fontys for your further education amounts to a good choice!

Campuses are located in Eindhoven, Venlo and Tilburg


HAN University of Applied Sciences is one of the 5 largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. It offers high-quality, practice-based education to more than 30,000 students. HAN’s centres of expertise provide tailored research to companies and institutions.

Internationalisation is an important tool to improve the quality of education and research at HAN. We work closely with partner institutions on exchange programmes, international projects and international applied research.

We offer degree and non-degree courses in English and every course curriculum has an international component.


Science and Engineering

• Automotive Engineering

• Electrical and Electronic Engineering

• Life Sciences


Business and Management (Arnhem Business School)

• Communication

• Finance and Control

• International Business and Management Studies

• Logistics Management (Economics)

HAN offers the following 3 English-taught Masters courses:

  • Automotive Systems

  • Control Systems Engineering

  • Molecular Life Sciences

Campuses are located in Arnhem and Nijmegen


University of Applied Sciences is a medium-sized university. It is located on the beautiful Zeeland coastline in the South-West of the Neherlands. Our core values are quality, personal development, mutual respect and professional orientation. Our goal is to develop each student to be able to deal effectively with life in a multicultural society. 

Through a custom-built, flexible study programme, our students acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a challenging career ahead.

The university is divided into 7 Academies, offering 26 Bachelor programmes.

  1. International  Business & Management Study

  2. International Business & Languages

  3. Vitality & Tourism Management

  4. Water Management

  5. Civil Engineering

  6. Delta Management

  7. Chemistry

  8. International Maintenance Management

  9. Logistic Management

Campuses are located in Middelburg and Vlissingen


The higher education system in the Netherlands is renowned worldwide for its high quality. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences offers excellent, practice-based study programmes, a truly international orientation.

There we offer a wide range of English-taught international certificate, bachelor and master programmes and specialisations. Our flexible fast track and short-track options allow students to plan a programme that suits their previous education and experience.

It’s your future Our goal is to prepare effective international managers for leadership responsibilities in a complex multicultural world and a rapidly changing marketplace. We want to be sure you are ready to enter the world of work immediately after graduation. So we teach you to work in teams but also to take initiative yourself through Problem Based Learning.

We give you the opportunity to work in our acclaimed Learning Companies – true-to-life businesses where you accumulate valuable and relevant work experience while studying. We encourage you to study abroad on our Grand Tour or an exchange programme in your second or third year minor semester. And in your final year we help you find an internship place.

All in all, we give you the best possible preparation for your professional career, wherever in the world you choose to pursue it.

Campuses located in Leeuwarden, Emmen, Meppel, Groningen, Qatar, Bali, and South Africa


International business is what it is all about at Rotterdam Business School (RBS). Over 2,500 students are currently enrolled in our

English-taught bachelor and master programmes.

Education, business placements, exchange programmes and practical research projects; they are all aimed at preparing our students for a career in international business. 

Real-life business cases provided by international companies are at the heart of many courses. They challenge our students to learn to act quickly and decisively, and to base their decisions on growing experience and healthy reflection.

Just like in the world of business, our focus is fully international. Over 50 nationalities are represented amongst our student population. We work closely with partners in the business and education communities in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to offer our students the global outlook and experience they need to succeed.

Bachelor programmes (4 years long):

  • International Business and Languages

  • International Business and Management Studies

  • Trade management for Asia

Campus is located in Rotterdam

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