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Livin in the Netherlands

Netherland is a very popular destination among international students. Netherlands educational system is using revolutionary and world-known method of problem focused studies. Students are analysing real life problems with the support from their mentors: the emphasis is on self-development and discipline.



How to get to Netherlands?

All popular airlines such as EasyJet, RyanAir, AirBaltic fly to Amsterdan and to other bigger cities in Netherlands. Cost of the ticket is not high. With the help of well-developed railway network and variety of bus companies, it is easy to travel from airport to citites. 


  • Annual fee at Dutch universities is around 2 500€. There are some discounts available for students coming from European Union. 

  • Students live in dormitories. Many universities have reservations made in hotels or private accommodations. Price for dormitory rooms are starting from 450€.

  • Main ways of transportation are trains, buses and trolleys. Some cities have subway. Many people cycle as well. Netherland is well known as one of the best country for cyclist. 

  • Food is not expensive. Some products can be bought for quite a low price. Same goes with the apparel and personal hygiene products.


Where to find help? 

Netherlands is trying to make their higher education available to students from all over the world. There is a possibility to get scholarships provided by the government, universities and also local companies. Always check if the university that you are applying for has a financial support system for their students and what are they willing to offer. 

With all emerging questions students can turn to International Office representative. 

What is like to study in Netherlands?

Universities usually do not have entrance exams. Applicant are required to prove their knowledge of language used for teaching/ learning and have good grades in specific subjects demanded by the university. Studies begin in September. Studies last for 3-4 years. It is possible to have a practice year or couple of shorter practices. 




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