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Summer Camps can be different: National or International, small family type, or huge that bring together hundreds of children. Our language camp is organized for schoolchildren all over the world who want to get additional English.

Bellnor International Summer Camp is located in Varemurru Holiday Centre on Matsi beach 60 km from Pärnu and 160 km from Tallinn.


Our camp is intended for teenagers from 9-17 who have studied English for a year or longer.  Language lessons take place every morning from 9:00 till 12:00. Children study in groups formed according to their English language level defined by the result of the language test. All our teachers and students speak English while playing sports or taking part in other activities together. 

Reasons you should join us this summer...
  1. Take your English to a new level

  2. Gain new friends from all over the world

  3. Teaching is performed by professional native speakers

  4. Apart from English language study, the program of camp events consists of different sport activities, cultural and entertaining shows. To learn more about Estonia our programs also include excursions

  5. Different fun activities held in the afternoon and evening. For example our Fashion show, Talent night, and disko.

  6. Each student will get a certificate

  7. Memories you will never forget!

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Reasons to go to Malta…

  1. English is official language of Malta

  2. Personal teaching environment in the classroom and outside of classroom

  3. One on one group study

  4. Small groups divided by level of English

  5. You can choose between English, Advanced English, Business English, and Every day English programs

  6. English + sport/ culture/ history programs

  7. Flight time to Malt is short (1-3h) from different cities all over Europe

  8. Malta has very warm and dry summers

English courses

Advanced English course

English language camps in Malta are for different levels of English. Students will take a test when they arrive to camp and based on the test results they will be divided by groups.

  • Summer courses will take place from June-August

  • Level: Beginners to Advanced speakers

  • One English class will be 45 min

  • 30 h of English each week

  • Max of 15 students in one group

This course is designed for students who would like to bring their English to the next level with short amount of time. Students will be in groups. In the lessons students will focus on speaking and communicating and they will have different debates. Students will work mostly in pairs of two and will do different presentations.

  • Summer courses: From June to August

  • Level: All level speakers

  • One study session will be 45 min 

  • 30 h of English in one week

  • 6-15 students in a group



Home accommodation

During the courses students will live at the school housing. They have 22 rooms, 8 bathrooms, 5 living rooms, game room, cafeteria and café. Free wifi is provided all over the house.

You can choose from two different meal options. First will be breakfast and dinner and second one would be breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. In the bedrooms all students have their own desk, chair, closet and locked cupboard. 


If you would like to learn more about Malta’s culture you have an option to stay in a home accommodation. You are also guaranteed to get more practise in English because you will have an option to speak with local family members. 


All the family are well selected and they live very close to school. Families who host have done it already long time so all teachers and members of the camp know them. 

All families speak English as their mother tongue.

*We also have other options available. For more information contact us via email

Example of a London camp

England offers a wide variety of language courses for all kinds of students and courses will take place in England’s most iconic cities. 

The main purpose for the camp is to study English but all program also include very good leisure time activities. Students have the option to live in a host family or live in a school housing. You can choose between English and soccer program, English and theatre program, or different art programs.

All programs include 15-20 hours of English language in a week, materials and excursions.


In this course you will learn English and you will be introduced to a city of London. The purpose of the camp is to gain confidence while communicating in English. Camp will be 2-6 weeks long and all students from age 12-17 can attend.


Course includes:

  • 15 hours of English lessons

  • Materials

  • Language test to figure out your level of English

  • Excursions

  • Evening activities

  • Accommodation

  • Meals


The excursions will take you to places like Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Punting of Oxford, Brighton and Sea Life Centre, Canterbury and The Canterbury Tales.

Each students will have their own room in students housing and students will be supervised 24/7.


Manchester soccer and English course for boys

The course purpose is to combine soccer studies and English studies. Teachers and coaches are all certified. 

2 week program includes: 

  • 15 h of soccer in a week

  • 15 h of English in a week

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Excursions

  • Materials

Soccer practises will be held in a City Football Academy territory. 

In language lessons you will practise how to be part of a press conference, analyse soccer games, be a sports commentator and understand soccer games better.

During the practises you will focus on individual exercises, teamwork and understanding the game better.

*There is special programs for girls as well. More information

Summer courses in America

Every student has an option to choose themselves a perfect program. Programs take place all over America and most of them in iconic cities. 


Example from a language course in LA: 


Course is for the students aged between 13-17. Students will have 20 hours of English lessons per week, accommodation and excursions. Students will visit places like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica beach and many more places. 

Example of a language camp in New York:


This course is for over 16 years old students. There will be 20 hours of English lessons in one week and students will live in local host families. Camp is open all year around.


During the language lessons student will learn how to communicate, listen, write, and read. There is option to choose a dancing course or business course as well. 

*For more information about different programs write us an email. Keep in mind there is many more programs available in United States. Contact us


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