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Studying abroad- more than education!

In Bellnor we offer a wide range of different consultations for students with different needs and goals. Our consultations cover topics such as: 

  • Finding the right university.

  • Find the right course for YOU!

  • Entry requirements.

  • Application process.

  • Financial topics such as grants, loans, scholarships etc. 

  • Living abroad and finding accommodation.

  • Student life abroad.

Why should I come to consultation?

Bellnor has been working with different universities and students since 1999 so we have professionals guiding you through the process. Many of our consultants have study abroad experience and have visited most of the universities themselves. 

You will get information that is relevant to you. Most of the university webpages have general information for all the students coming from EU but this might not apply to all the students. 

And lastly you will find out if studying abroad is 100% for you. Our consultation costs 20€ and the payment can be done via the online registration form.

Book yourself a time through our online booking system.

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