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Living in England

English people are very different from other nationalities, by being extremely well mannered and polite. Self-control and the ability to stay calm and patient in every situation is considered to be an English characteristic. 



Did you know, that ...

  • England has been one of the most popular destinations among students.

  • International students feel rather well in their new environment. Students also have a lot of privileges. Majority of governmental services and institutions are willing to offer their help to international students. 

  • International students have same rights like local students



How to get to England?

It is very easy because most of the countries have straight airlines. Prices of the tickets are also very cheap. Popular aviation companies in Europe are EasyJet, RyanAir, AirBaltic and others. Single ticket prices start from 19€.


What are the expenses while living in England?

  • Living and public transport are the most expensive things in England.

  • In London dormitory or rental apartment prices are about 100-150 pounds higher than in other cities. Medium cost for an apartment near city centre or university is 300-350 pounds per month.

  • Dormitory rooms cost more because they are fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary for living. Deposit is also necessary and the amount is usually one month rent. 

  • Food prices are the same like other European countries

  • Cost for public transport is 60 pounds but students do have various discounts. 


Where to get help?

If you face any problems, students can always turn to their universities. Every university has international office which helps you whatever questions you might have regarding to living, studying or career opportunities. 

For medical help, students need to register themselves in residential medical centre to have a personal doctor. To do this, it is necessary to have a student card and copy of a residential contract. Students have the right to get complete medical help without a charge.



What is like to study in England?

  • Studies usually begin in the middle of September and start with an introduction week. First week includes a registration of students, getting to know the university, the city and all your new course mates. 

  • Studies take place usually 3-4 day a week, depending on chosen module. 

  • Besides usual lectures, students take part of practical tasks, have discussions about different topics, prepare presentations and solve problems. 

  • Not being fully occupies at university gives you an opportunity to earn some extra income. Students mainly work in the field of customer service, where they can make their work schedules according to their study time-table. 

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