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Life in Denmark

Did you know that ...

  • More and more international students decide to study in Denmark because of free education, good reputation and many job offers they get even during their studies

  • It is a country with one of the highest living standards and salaries in Europe

  • It is a very safe place to live and crime rates are very low and social services available are very developed

  • Internationals living in Denmark have the same rights as the local students. 

  • Majority of Danish people speak very good English

  • Denmark has numerous festivals, culture events and social get-togethers are all part of Denmark’s entertainment options.


How to get to Denmark?

As Denmark is part of EU, there is no need for visa. Situated in south west from Sweden, south form Norway and bordered by Germany it is easy to get there using different transportations. Flight tickets to Copenhagen are also available with good prices.



  • Payment for dormitory or rental in Denmark is about 200-400€ per month. Altogether, students are spending approximately 600-800€ for living, including rent, food, apparel and transportation. 

  • Public transportation in Denmark is not cheap and bicycle is the cheapest and most popular mean of transportation. Everyone cycles in Denmark

  • Food prices are bit higher than other countries in Europe. Students spend an averade of 150-200€ per month to buy food

  • Medical service in Denmark are considered to be free after completing an application for a health card.


Where to find help?

Students can always get help from their university Danish universities are also giving financial help. There is also governmental grant that is available to all EU students. 


What is like to study in Denmark?


Education in Denmark is free of charge for EU students. The basic method of learning is a problem solving approach, which includes a huge amount of practical exercises. It is based on writing projects and practical understanding. Majority of universities have many different programmes in English. This makes Danish universities very competitive in the world. 


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