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 TOPSTUDY 202 1 

 NOVEMBER 10-11 

Explore your future and
learn about opportunities abroad!

Take part of TopStudy 2021 on November 10 -11, 2021.


You have the opportunity to virtually meet with university reprasentatives from UK, Netherlands, Finland and Germany. 

Pre-register now for FREE and you'll be first to know about our webinar schedule and which universities are attending this year. 

With this fair we encourage students to dream big and plan their studies ahead, that's why we have decided to organise it online: to give all students from different parts of the world the opportunity to get involved.


TopStudy is a two-day fair where there will be several presentations regarding the courses that universities from different countries offer and the corresponding reviews and stories of the students who are already part of it.


The University presentations will last 45 minutes and 15 minutes focus on your questions about the programs. This way you will have an overview about the school, courses they offer, application process, funding, housing, student life and better understanding about the course you would like to study.  


Want to take part of TopStudy 2021?

Register here and receive information about schedule and events.

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