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Study in USA

Study program in the USA helps you to experience new culture, learn new way of life and discover the global society which we live in. United States is considered the land of opportunity and an exeptional education provider. It is also popular destination for international students. Students who study in the States may spend time in diverse regions of America while earning credit towards a degree through volunteering, taking classes, interning, and much more. 




Tuition and living costs vary considerably between different universities and colleges, educations and cities. Tuition is usually between 5000 $ and 80 000 $ per year. Costs for food and living are normally between 8000 $ and 12000$ per year. In addition to paying tuition, you need money for transportation, books and personal expenses. Public transport in USA is not developed very well. 


There expenses may be daunting, but there are a number of support systems in place for students to get financial assistance. Thousands of students get funding for collage in USA through grants and loans. Loans are amounts of borrowed money that must be paid back with interests. If you would like to take a student loan in America please consider this carefully because usually interest rates are not very low and student have to start paying back as soon as they graduate collage. Grants are gifts  of money which do not need to be paid back. However, grants often have stipulations such as maintaining certain grade point average to keep the money It should be noted that majority of the loans and grants are for citizens of USA.


Many students may also be eligible for scholarships, which must be earned, whether through academic merit, athletic talent, or civic performance. There are numerous scholarships and funding programs that cover tuition fees in USA.

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