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Sandra Sarv Breda University of Applied Science

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Sandra is studying Media and Entertainment Management at the Breda University of Applied Science. My boyfriend, who was a student at Breda University, helped me decide to continue my studies in the Netherlands. I love the practical courses and the interactive teaching style that the universities here offer. After visiting the Breda University of Applied Science campus, I understood that studying here would be the right choice for me. I am certain that this has been one of the biggest and best decisions that I have made.

At the end of my first year of university, I started working as a student ambassador. It has been a great experience. I have been been able to travel a lot, meet new people and gain valuable knowledge thanks to it. As a student ambassador, I have visited Estonia and Greece multiple times to attend the different study abroad fairs. I usually extend my trips and spend time with my family or explore the country on my own. I plan my time very carefully – last year I spent Christmas in Paris, which is only a 4h drive from Breda. I’ve been on holiday in Switzerland, Germany, and Slovakia. I also got the chance to explore Romania with my best friend (who is from Romania herself).

The most memorable experience happened to me quite recently. I got to go to a TV studio at the University of Bournemouth in England for a student project with 40 people. I got to be a TV show producer, led a team of 20 members, and all together made a TV series called „Green-Up!“. For more information, visit

As a student, most of my days go like this: in the morning I take my computer and some fruits with me and go on a 15-minute bike ride to get to school. Classes start at 9 or 10 in the morning and last until 4 in the afternoon. The timetable is different every day and consists of lectures with the whole course and practical workshops with smaller groups. The brand new campus has two cafés where I have lunch with friends and sometimes enjoy the weather.

I am specializing in the field of audiovisual production. We as students can come up with different projects for real clients. For example, we made a music video for a local band, a promo video for a Turkish restaurant, and an instructional video about the rules of a trampoline center. On other days, we rent filming equipment from the school and go to film as part of the project, do video editing or enjoy a free day in the park working on independent projects. At the end of the school day, the sun is still high and there is enough time for entertainment and leisure activities.

Thanks to my experience of studying abroad, I have become more open-minded, I have new perspectives on life. After finishing my first year of film analysis lectures, I can’t watch movies without thinking about the creation of characters, the camera work, and how it all comes together as a whole.

I am very proud to be the person I am today. I firmly believe that from studying abroad, I have gained a lot of confidence and I am very motivated to implement my ideas.

My advice to all students who want to study abroad is to be bold and make big decisions in your life. Give everything new a chance, don’t postpone your dreams, decisions and actions, no matter how small or big they are. Find things in life that make you happy and don't forget to keep people who are dear to you close - they make everything in life so much easier.

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